Ascend Technologies

What We Value

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The team driven by a commitment to higher quality professional execution & customer outcomes.

Be Good to Each Other

We show respect to our customers, partners, and peers by valuing their time, addressing their challenges, and discussing their ideas with sincerity and respect in order to provide world-class service.

• Act with others in mind
• Always speak well of others
• Give trust and be trustworthy
• Be approachable and coachable
• Be professional, cordial, and personal

Be the Real Deal

We are what we do

• Act with courage, honesty, and integrity

• Find a need and fill it. Do not wait for others to give you a task to keep you busy

• Take ownership. Do not wait for others to give you the answer

• Be present and respect other people’s time. If you are in a discussion, be there to contribute

• Establish realistic expectations, take responsibility, and deliver on commitments

• Work hard, achieve results, and maintain a work-life balance

We’re always looking for great people to join our team

Don’t Be Shy

Submit the resume. If we think you are a rare find, we will find a place for you here


Join Our Team

Have Fun!

We create success stories and enjoy the process

• Take professional pride and celebrate excellence

• Build lifelong relationships

• Take our jobs seriously but not ourselves

• Find humor and good spirit even amidst challenges


Be The Joneses

Be The Person You Want To Be

• Challenge the status quo and strive for continuous improvement

• Be entrepreneurial

• Innovate with purpose and quality

• Continually challenge yourself to do your best

Be the change you want to see